Tips and Tricks To Increase Blog visitors

Who sich bloggers who do not want Blognya visited? To have a blog what is fine and dandy if you do not have visitors? Here are a few tips, maybe you can try to increase your blog visitors.

The following tips and tricks that you can practice in your blog so that traffic on your blog is always crowded :

1. Write More Content
If you want traffic, you must have a lot of content. You will not get visitors if you do not write good content, interesting and quality. So keep writing interesting posts.

2. Be Yourself
Internet or cyberspace is the best place to appear without a name, but if it you do not there will be people who want to contact you or keep visiting your blog. Be yourself, do not pretend to be someone else, and people will like you.

3. Be the Other of the Other
Build the image and do something different, that other people have never done it. You will get a thank you for your readers to get something new. Emerged with a new concept that other people have never done it.

4. Share your secret with Blog Readers
Whether it's the secret of success of your business, learn seo secrets or secret of your life, people would be happy to know it and will not be antipathy toward you.

5. Make a Reward or Award
Make a banner for an award, make sure the award was to have a theme, for example, "Awad Best Blogger" or "Top Comments". Then linkkan award it to 5 or even more to other bloggers that you think best. And create a rule that the 5th blogger is also doing the same thing with the award, the link with the five other bloggers that they think best. This proved to be a lot of backlinks to your blog and receive lots of traffic. An example is one of my best friends who've done is check info, check successful with its Award commentator Top Info.

6. Blogger in Need Your Help
If there is a novice blogger who asked to leave a comment, help them. Who knows one day they will be great and will always remember your kindness. The point here should not be a blogger proud.

7. Make Laugh Visitors
It's hard not easy. If you can make your guests laugh and happy, they will remember your blog and will tell others about your blog and will come back again.

8. Make your visitors feel at home
If you are someone who is not polite, never give anything to the readers of your blog, do not answer the comment, not helping other bloggers, or always cynical and do not make your readers feel like their own home, then likely they will stop to visit blog. But if you make them yourself at home as you will get lots of traffic.

9. Swap Links with Other Blog
Swap links with others that relate to your blog will help a lot, especially with a great blog it will be more helpful.

10. Commenting On Other Blogs
When you leave a comment on another blog, from there when someone saw your comments, they can click the URL of your blog. Give comments on different blogs as much as possible, the more blogs you comment on the more traffic you get.

11. Immediate Response Comments
Visitors will love the blog owners are interactive and respond to comments entered immediately. If someone leave a comment or question and answer long enough, do not linger, answer with a link to your post. If a post about it yet exist, make a post about it.

12. Good Design
If you design your blog's messy, difficult to navigate, the colors do not match, or interfere with vision (glare), or too full error, visitors will certainly not be comfortable to linger your blog.

Hopefully with these tips and tricks to increase traffic to your beloved blog.

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