Google Panda Algorithm 2.5 is difficult to be analyzed concretely. Because it is so complex and constantly changing smoothly with no one else knows. Has an estimated 200 signals google search engine ranking algorithms. Understandably this is Google's kitchen secrets search engine giant. Here are tips on SEO for Google now approaching what might be expected for a better site ranking in search engines:
  • As a start for the newbie, few studies 4-5 keywords or keyword phrases that have the best search volume or a Google search suggestions
  • Create a blog domain there is a keyword, for example: ** keyword **. Blog *. Com
  • Create a blog name contains keywords that are optimized for example:
  • Create a meta description tag with keywords that contain descriptions of interesting and enticing for people to click on the search results.
  • Create a script html "text" in the column on the right or left of the blog which contains the main keyword only.
  • Create an article title that contains keywords that are optimized for long-term or article title to something more current trends in the short term is usually up to 1 month
  • Blog article with a minimum of 300 words
  • Keyword density (keyword repetition) of about 3-6%
  • The quality of the article must be unique and not duplicate the quality of the articles of other sites to include an additional link when necessary with rel = nofollow, that link is not considered SPAM
  • CONTENT-based Google Panda now based backlink or not depends on the webmaster.
  • Make your blog sitemap to search engine bots to index your blog easily.
  • Create articles / new blog content on a regular basis, if the commercial sites is recommended to create a blog, new testominial, the other with something new.
  • Installing google plus one on the blog. Google backlink plus one supposing replace.
  • Panda Google ranking is based on how the activity of human authority in your blog, how long, how many clicks to another page (page view), how many bounces, how big your reputation as an author of the blog (created in
  • Track your site backlinks that do not fit with the theme and delete it.
  • Do not be too many ads on a blog that covers the main content.
  • When you distribute the article or placed on another site to increase traffic, create a brief description of the others seem to avoid duplicate content from Google's algorithm Panda.
  • Joined on social networks in Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and forums to raise the reputation of your site links and additional traffic.
  • Place your site in DMOZ directory (although very difficult) try as close as possible to the category of your blog. Or also in other directories containing your keywords.

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