Which way as to optimize Adsense Results

Thanks to Adsense, Blog, RSS feeds and the like, we can easily earn additional income without having to spend money and with minimal effort. The trick now is how to optimize revenue from Adsense itself.

PLEASE NOTE : Although it comes from Google Adsense, but there are many other programs that are available the same type, with the ability to succeed are the same - some may be better -. The information here applies in general to them all.

While everyone else is busy optimizing search engine, or better known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), to optimize Adsense alone, a site can attract quite a lot of traffic and of course the possibility of visitors to click on ads is also larger, and because Adsense is a Pay Per Clicks program, jg profits will increase.

However, always keep in mind that any Adsense agreement does not condone any form of click fraud, even just to write "click here to support this site" could be at risk are removed from the Adsense program is concerned. This is of course to protect Adword customers who have paid to display ads. It is they who robbed (not Google) when an ad is clicked irresponsibly. Moreover, Google, for example, can learn effectively every click that is genuine and is not responsible.

With that in mind, and understand how an Adsense program works, we can optimize a page, legally, to get enough income. The following instructions are made to focus on Adsense, but many can also be used as a strategy to increase the income of a site in general.

The first step is to design a site with topics related to things that are frequently searched (Top Seach). There are various tools (Keyword Suggestion Tool, Zeitgeist, for example) that can help us to get this information. Of course, there are other marketing strategies, for example, looking for a small group of topics that have a page-per-clicks with a little competition. In this case, there should ideally look for topics with a large market, but the ratio of the small yard. But unfortunately, after more than one year, the market will be filled with the topic, and look for another subject with a large number of markets and the ratio of small pages will be very difficult and time consuming, not hours or days, but weeks and even months.

Highest paying keywords (HPK)
A list of keywords that are paid (High Paying Keywords) high can be easily found on the internet. Course combines topics that are sought after by high paid keywords can result in a strange mixture. For example, the top search today is Britney Spear, whereas the highest HPK currently associated with 'mesothelioma' and 'asbestor cancer'. So, in addition to talking about if Britney Spear meothelioma, very little chance they can be coupled together with the legal. But we can incorporate other things that make more sense. The point is only by combining these two items alone (HPK & Top Search), we can get enough traffic to get a LEGAL income from adsense.

Do not be too much to put adsense, let alone a dominant place in our pages. It is best to put a banner above, under the title, and a "skycrapper" at one side, with the contents of the middle.

One page contains 2 or 3 ads, but ads can be placed more heavily on additional pages on our site, for example on our "about us", testimonials, contact, etc..

It is ironic that there are many sellers who make splash pages long, and certainly without adsense than by creating additional pages separately. By doing this, they are sacrificing revenue from adsense because it is very rare splash pages indexed by search engines and visitors sometimes get annoyed, as represented others who are interested in him, just because of its existence. Understand this: adsense is a way to get to from the OUT traffic, something that definitely will happen, no matter how good a page.

Some people choose to make adsense halamanya blend with the design, sometimes almost hidden at all. But this reduces its effectiveness, the hilite to it, visitors are more aware of adsense. Obviously we would prefer visitors to stay on our site, purchase products, etc., but the fact is, many do not. Are not we better take advantage of their absence this?

This feature is only present in some of the adsense program. If available, place it at the bottom of the page we offer visitors an easy way to do a search without having to go to the search engines. Obviously a lot of search engines and browser toolbar that offers that reduce the effectiveness of this adsearch. But provide another means to make a profitable exit of us, and seen as a service for those of us too, of course.

Some adsense program provides options to block competitors' ads. However, it is impossible to block all competitors, so why not take advantage of their advertising? Remember, they pay us.

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