Search engine company Google has renewed its search system equipment to recognize words and understand the desires of Internet users.
California-based company revealed that it is adding the capability Automatic semantics will understand the meaning of phrases and questions Demi facilitate information search for Google users. Once the quote from the news agency AFP.

A Google employee "Amit Singhal" Through social networking that Google + Search Engines to increase the intelligence of Google's entry into the brain of the virtual data center freebase Based on the knowledge of what to look for and relate them to one another.

Google also recognizes the Graph-based Knowledge site is now under the auspices of the San Francisco-based company "Mataweb Technologies, in 2010 and with an undisclosed amount.
More than 200 Million growth from 12 million entities and attributes that are interconnected .. says Singhal.
The formula is traditionally known Internet search on the words typed in the search box and provide links to sites related or linked.

In addition .. Google is also trying to continue to make changes to the engine and the quest to establish the social networking Google + and Picasa photo sharing service

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