As a Blogger must already be familiar with SEO sentence. when he talked about the SEO course we also do not forget the backlink and many different articles often discuss SEO back links.
Maybe some blogger friends already know what it is with backlinks .. but may still be some that do not understand about the backlink.
okay .. I'll review a little about "what it Backlink"
A backlink is a reciprocal relationship between the site, the link address in the form of the name there, as the website address A to address the site of the B, and vice versa.
maybe many blogger friends who are wondering .. "What is the benefit of those backlinks"
Well, the benefits of back links can be explained as follows:

If you understand about SEO, it is definitely the name of backlinks is very meaningful and important benefits.
benefit from the backlinks are as follows:
A. Can Increase PageRank
2. The site will be more Popular Search Engine
3. Visitor traffic would be more menigkat

possible to know the three benefits of the more backlinks you will want to know which way to run or how to get it ..

Many ways to get backlinks, among others, as follows:
A. Each of us write articles, do not forget we add the name of our website in the article.
2. Active in various online discussion forums and include a signature, that is to write the address link from our site.
3. Link Exchanging mutual
4. or there can make use of free services of auto backlink or a premium. depends on your intention to increase the SEO website or blog.

There below me Find Auto Backlink Generator, you can probably use it as initial capital to get backlinks as I described in number 4 above. This article may be useful to my fellow bloggers.

Enter your Address Website or Blog

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