An article that is truly unique, different from the other Articles will make the visitors will be more curious to open it. then in addition to the uniqueness of the article, reading of the article looks frendly so that the visitors feel at home for a stopover on our blog to just read and read our writing.
From the results of my survey, the unique writings, the more we are reading and wondering what the purpose and meaning of the article so that the visitors do not hesitate to give comentar just ask.

Well, What should be done so that every article is filled comentar, due to the many comments it will also generate more backlinks. Comment to get a lot of visitors, you need to perform the following steps:

1. Give title's Controversial.
No doubt if we put a controversial title track advance various issues that are hot in the community will make visitors come in to comment on our article, although the comment will be positive or negative and if no comments are too negative, we can also manually delete them. yes even though I do not recommend this way but I just tell hehe.

2. Use the vocabulary words of the Good.
Our blog visitors usually do not just exist in the country but from around the world, so I recommend you to use a good vocabulary and correct that if we have a translator like google translate feature, other people from abroad can understand the articles we write.

3. Create Curious Visitors.
make visitors curious? yap it is also useful tables, let us make a follow-up article that is like "a walk to the old town part 1". By making such articles, visitors will be interested to comment out of curiosity to the next story, but we also have to make a good article and useful for others so that visitors linger at home on our blog.

4. Attribute pairs Dofollow
Well it never hurts to also change the blog that we have a do follow blog links to a variety of free, useful addition to attract visitors to the blog, Do Follow blog also has a variety of other uses as may increase our blog traffic. But do not forget to use comment moderation feature that comments must be approved in advance without using features capcha well.

5. Any reply to comment
Having other people commented on our article, try to reply to any comments there. In addition to our blog visitors to appreciate, to reply to these comments will make visitors senag of the comments are questions.

6. Do not hesitate to ask for comments
Do not be hesitant or embarrassed to ask other people comment on our articles. New blogger like me even occasionally ask others to comment on my blog, if not so then this blog will always be lonely.

7. The article commented on Other Blogs
Others commented on the blog is to appreciate the blog admin, if you commented on one of his articles, admin will also reply to comments to the blog comment, but ethics also not be forgotten like to comment according to the article, to be polite.

8. Eliminate the Captcha feature
Captcha on comment moderation is good for avoiding or minimizing the comments that are spam, but if we eliminate this Capcha will get a very large effect because people usually like to lazy to fill itself capcha.

9. Eliminate Widget Cbox / Chat Box
By eliminating this widget, the person who was only able to spread spam and comment on the chatbox will switch to comment on our article.

10. Blogwalking
The way it's been popular among bloggers sound, Blogwalking is a kind of visiting other people's blogs but blogs that we have. But when we do blogwalking, I suggest people do not just open up the blog and fill Cbox / ChatBox only. Try to comment on one article that we visit, the Admin blog will be back to comment on our blog.

11. And the Last, Make Sentences At each end of the Post To Any visitor or reader of the article to comment on the article or articles you.

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