Angry Birds Can Play on Facebook Timeline

Angry Birds Game

Thanks to the addition of features 'Share and Play', the enthusiast Angry Birds on Facebook can now play the game 'birds go ballistic' on social networking Timeline.

In a blog posting, the Angry Birds Rovio pembesut mention two features that not only allows the game is played in the Timeline embedded and Facebook but also on the blog or web page of the user.
"We are very excited to be one that delivers gameplay developer directly to feed Facebook, Tumblr, WordPress or any web page you want users to share and play Angry Birds with a friend," said Rovio.

Reported by GMA News, Monday (05/07/2012), to use the feature 'Share and Play' players have to play Angry Birds on Facebook and get a good score is marked by the acquisition of three stars or crowns and share them with friends.
Players can click 'Share' to post the level of achievement on Facebook Timeline or clicking on the 'Embed' to bring up the HTML code and link to include (embed) in your blog or website.

"Play Angry Birds levels directly in the Timeline, blog or web page. No need to install the application, just throw the birds," said Rovio.
Another source quoted by Mashable mentions, this feature also lets players challenge friends to beat their record.

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