Top 10 List of Most Popular Web Property in the United States during the month of April 2012, the web's number one property on the most popular are Google, Microsoft, yahoo, facebook and AOL.

Companies that measure web activity and the provision of data services to comScore Media Metrix today released a list ranking the most popular web property in America.
Based on the number of visitors in April 2012 comScore reported that there were 221.7 million web visitors in the United States. The number of visitors is calculated from the Internet access for personal use, offices and universities.
At sites associated with general news experience very rapid growth and increased during the month of April 12 message than in March. Categories of general news web all-time high record and received 183 million visitors.

Group of web properties owned by the world's largest search engine Google still holds the rank number one in April and managed to earn 189 million visitors. Google-owned properties, including Google (search engine), (video), Gmail (for email services), and Google Plus (social networking). Ranked number 2 is a group of sites owned by Microsoft who managed to scoop up some 171 million visitors. Property owned by Microsoft including (corporate), MSN (entertainment and news), Hotmail (email service) and Bing (search engine). Position at number three and number four is Microsoft's corporate partners, including Yahoo! sites and site Yahoo! embraces 170.9 million visitors, while received 158.7 million visitors. Ranked number five is AOL (America On Line) that received 110.8 million visitors.

Winter changes to spring and change to the standard clock hours of "daylight saving" (a national day set back 1 hour at once) also affects the activity on the web. More and more web visitors in the United States came to see the beauty and fashion sites in order to meet the summer which will begin in late June. Category beauty and fashion trends has increased 9 percent compared to March and received 83.6 million visitors.

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